Become a Housing Host

With the expansion of Opera Saratoga’s Summer Festival, the company is seeking to expand its network of housing host families. Host housing enables Opera Saratoga to bring dozens of professional artists and technicians to Saratoga Springs each summer. Housing hosts make personal connections with our young artists and other members of the company, gain a unique behind-the-opera-scenes perspective, and support the Opera Saratoga in a unique and meaningful way. Many of our past hosts have developed life-long friendships with their guests.


  • Most artists and technicians require housing for 8 weeks, from May 10 – July 6, 2020, though some may vary slightly.


  • Housing must be within a 20 minute drive of downtown Saratoga Springs

  • Housing must be non-smoking and have air conditioning

  • Pet-free housing is preferred, but we may be able to place an artist or technician in a house with pets provided we know in advance what pets are present to avoid any allergy issues

  • Hosts must provide a private bedroom for each guest, access to a bathroom that is not the primary bathroom for the rest of the family, and access to kitchen and laundry facilities.

  • WiFi must be available

  • Opera Saratoga Company Members are responsible for their own food, telephone expense, and transportation


  • Attend a dress rehearsal for one of Opera Saratoga’s performances, for the entire host family

  • Recognition for your generosity in Opera Saratoga’s seasonal program

  • Access to the Patron’s lounge during intermissions at Opera Saratoga performances—enjoy a glass of wine and delicious snacks with fellow hosts and patrons

  • Invitation to opening night cast parties and other exclusive events

  • Get to know a young performer or a key production staff person at the start of his/her career. Many hosts consider their experience with Opera Saratoga guests as a sheer delight!

There is no need to do anything but open your door.  These young people make you feel included with their work at Opera Saratoga. You really feel a part of the organization. You understand the hard work they do day after day, and the years of study getting to this point.  It’s an enriching experience and one I can’t wait to repeat next summer! I can honestly say that they gave to me so much more than I gave to them.
— Cindy Spence, Housing Host, 2016-2019

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