The CradleWill Rock.jpg

Music, Book and Lyrics by Marc Blitzstein

Performed in English

In Steeltown, USA, everything and everyone can be bought - at least that’s what Mr. Mister thinks. The greedy businessman uses his wallet to control anyone he wants, including the local newspaper editor, preacher, university president, doctor… even the artists! But Larry Foreman’s efforts to unionize local workers threatens to rock the cradle and shift the balance of power out of Mr. Mister’s control.  An allegory on corruption and corporate greed both timely and timeless, The Cradle Will Rock’s biting humor and brazenness is as impactful now as it was when it premiered in 1937. Blitzstein’s eclectic, jazzy score is a propulsive mix of classical parody, popular melodies, and dramatic ensemble numbers, with a smoky flavor redolent of Kurt Weill - but all-American in its raw energy and urgency. 

Did you know...? 

The Cradle Will Rock was shut down on its opening night by the government in an act of censorship because the pro-union plot was feared to be too radical. The Works Progress Administration, the federal agency that oversaw the Federal Theatre, abruptly canceled the production and sent armed guards to keep any costumes or sets from being removed from the theater. Actors’ Equity also barred cast members from performing the show onstage. Undeterred, Blitzstein, John Houseman (the original producer), and Orson Welles (the original director) found another theater and moved a battered upright piano and the cast uptown, along with hundreds of onlookers, so that Blitzstein could sing through his piece for the audience. As Blitzstein launched into the introduction from the piano, Olive Stanton (Moll) stood up in her seat and sang the opening number from the audience. The rest of the cast followed suit, and one of the greatest stories of Broadway history was born. Opera Saratoga will celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the historic premiere with a new fully staged production, and will perform Blitzstein’s original orchestration for the first time in 57 years!



Sunday, July 9, 2017 at 7:30 pm

Tuesday, July 11, 2017  2016 at 2:00 pm

Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 7:30 pm

Sunday, July 16, 2017 at 2:00 pm


Ginger Costa-Jackson Moll

Ginger Costa-Jackson

Keith Jameson Harry Druggist

Keith Jameson
Harry Druggist

Brian Wallin Editor Daily

Brian Wallin
Editor Daily

Eric McConnell President Prexy

Eric McConnell
President Prexy

Meghan Kassanders Sadie Polock/Reporter

Meghan Kassanders
Sadie Polock/Reporter

Dylan Elza Cop

Dylan Elza

Matt Boehler Mr. Mister

Matt Boehler
Mr. Mister

Spencer Viator Junior Mister

Spencer Viator
Junior Mister

John Tibbetts Yasha, The Violinist

John Tibbetts
Yasha, The Violinist

Adam Bradley Professor Mamie

Adam Bradley
Professor Mamie

Nina Spinner Ella Hammer

Nina Spinner
Ella Hammer

John Mauceri Conductor

John Mauceri

Audrey Babcock Mrs. Mister

Audrey Babcock
Mrs. Mister

Heather Jones Sister Mister

Heather Jones
Sister Mister

Scott Purcell Dauber, The Artist

Scott Purcell
Dauber, The Artist

Miles Herr Professor Scoot/Steve

Miles Herr
Professor Scoot/Steve

Andy Papas Bugs/Gent

Andy Papas

Lawrence Edelson Director & Choreographer

Lawrence Edelson
Director & Choreographer

Christopher Burchett Larry Foreman

Christopher Burchett
Larry Foreman

Justin Hopkins Reverend Salvation

Justin Hopkins
Reverend Salvation

Jorgeandrés Camargo Dr. Specialist

Jorgeandrés Camargo
Dr. Specialist

Michael Anderson Prof. Trixie/Gus Polock

Michael Anderson
Prof. Trixie/Gus Polock

Efraín Solís Dick

Efraín Solís


Conductor: John Mauceri
Director and Choreographer: Lawrence Edelson
Scenic Designer: Martin T. Lopez
Costume Designer: Anya Klepikov
Lighting Designer: Brandon Stirling Baker



The Spa Little Theater
21 Roosevelt Drive
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866